have experience housesitting and providing animal care for properties large and small. As a responsible, trustworthy individual, I treat your home and companions as if they were my own.

I've cared for horses, dogs, cats, chickens, goats and ducks for periods up to three weeks, and am open to longer opportunities. My experience includes keeping  horses watered and fed during an unexpected early season blizzard and cold snap that dropped temperatures to -20 overnight, and administering medicine to various animals. I am very active and enjoy walking dogs for their daily exercise, barn chores and searching for freshly-laid eggs. 

I was fortunate to spend long weekends around horses as a child, where I learned that I had to feed the horses before I fed myself. That mentality sticks with me, and I ensure horses are well cared for. One of my best friends is a horse trainer, and I took care of his and his clients' horses when he was out of town. I learned from him how to manage herds up to 20, and what to watch for in group dynamics.   

I am happy to provide references from previous clients. My goal is for everyone to be happy, healthy and well-fed during your travels.