Why I burned my vision board

I was talking to a friend about vision boards and manifesting our dreams. I’d created this vision board in April 2016… and nothing from that collage had manifested.

I was stumped. On some level I knew I was blocking my dreams from manifesting, but wasn’t sure what I was doing to block everything.

My mind returned to a conversation about clearing clutter, tidying up, feng shui, and the energy of spaces. In that chat, we’d discussed what can happen when there is space in your life: how cleaning out old items that no longer serve you or bring joy creates space for something new to enter.

Something clicked.

I texted my friend a photo of my unmanifested vision board. Looking closer at it while we talked, we both realized that there was no blank space. Everything overlapped. Words covered photos and vice versa; everything was connected chaotically and there was no room for anything else on the vision board.

The difference in energy and layout was clear when compared side by side with my original white vision board (below). While there were different images, there was enough open space to allow the eye to focus on individual images… all of which showed up in my life. The board allowed room for dreams to manifest.



The second board was jumbled and busy. My eyes were always moving to try to see what was there, only to then move to what was beside it. I was scattered and unfocused in trying to see everything. That perfectly represented the energy and experiences of that time frame—always moving around trying to “do” something to make things happen… lots of different experiences, yet none of the visions on my board.

It was interesting to think back to all that had happened since I created the second vision board. So many things that other people suggested I “should” do—jobs, industrial courses and certifications—manifested with very little effort on my part… yet they weren’t inspiring or joyful. What I desired remained elusive, seemingly out of reach no matter how much or little effort I put in.

The space made it easier to focus, and also created an opening for things to manifest. It didn’t feel all jumbled, chaotic, scattered and as though everything needed to happen at one time.

I also felt more relaxed just looking at the first vision board.

I decided then to create a new vision board for 2017. It was *merely* a coincidence that I cut up my old vision board on the last day of winter, March 19, 2017. I am burning it this evening, 22 March 2017, to clear its energy (cleansed by fire) and boomerang those ideas into the air on the day of master creator energy.

This vision board is about me using my personal power to create MY dreams.

The new 2017 vision board represents a fresh start and a new focus on my dreams, coincidental to the vernal equinox and beginning of spring. I spent a good part of the vernal equinox meditating, thinking, and brainstorming my goals and then finding images and words to match.

This new board also has SPACE. There is a beautiful openness for new people, experiences and opportunities to manifest. The open space around the photos and inspiration allows for unexpected manifestations to enter into my life… bringing things even better than what I could have imagined or that appear in the pictures.

I chose yellow for the vision board as it was one of the available colors at the dollar store. Er, rather, 2 for $1.25 store… so sixty-three cents. Yellow represents to me the solar plexus chakra from where we derive our personal power, the warming and smiling energy of the sun, and new growth. I’m reminded of daffodils and dandelions when I see yellow, and it’s one of the colors of my alma mater.

I’m excited to see how this vision board manifests… and when, where, and with whom.


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