Greg's remote BodyTalk™ session was very helpful. He discovered a lot of relevant things that were going on and helped me release things I no longer needed. His report was concise and included lots of useful information. I recommend Greg to anyone that wants to heal through BodyTalk™.

-Kelly, California

Greg's curiosity, intuition and knowledge create a strong foundation for his BodyTalk™ work. He has a very genuine and caring way of asking questions and he always takes time to answer questions as they arise. I am a very rational person and I like to understand how things work; however, more powerful than understanding the process of BodyTalk™ is simply experiencing it. Greg's sessions have helped my body process significant events and facilitated incredible shifts in my well-being.

-Amy, Saskatchewan

Dear Greg,

Thank you! I loved reading about my session. There is such synergy and resonance with your Body Talk sessions, I feel wonderful just reading them and can feel the shift from the session, having woke up to seeing the world more clearly this morning – the fog is lifting.

-Karen, California