My distance healing session with Brodie

So I had a remote BodyTalk session with an amazing BodyTalk practitioner, Brodie Muskett of Integer Whole Health and Biodynamics. He’s based in Armstrong, BC—check him out if you’re in town or by distance if you’re far away.

Anyway, I wanted to share my experience because it’s fascinating. It’s also a bit different than Western medicine, so bear with me.

First, let me explain the concepts behind distance or remote healing sessions:

We have learned through Quantum Physics experiments that every part of the whole universe is in communication with every other part. All cells and tissues in my or your body know what every other cell and tissue are doing. There’s a connection between every atom within my body, as well as with every atom in the Universe: everything is entangled, interconnected and interdependent.

These connections also extend out to humans and other sentient beings. While using the brain as a focusing tool, a BodyTalk practitioner is able to connect with another sentient being and identify the priority areas of the bodymind complex that seek balancing. This connection works in a similar manner to a wifi connection, where we can communicate with others across the world without physically being there: the BodyTalk practitioner can connect with a client without depending upon physical touch.

Understanding that we are all connected, a practitioner and client can be in communication despite long distances, time differences, and work schedules. I love the ability to receive distance sessions: I’m free to have my day to be and do what I need to be and do without trying to fit a trip to a healing space into the mix.

I contacted Brodie about a session to focus on a shoulder issue I was experiencing. It had been bothering me about six months previously. At that time, Brodie had facilitated a session in his clinic that resulted in a complete elimination of the issue. I’d been asymptomatic for six months, and I felt that he could help resolve this recurrence.

The shoulder was particularly troublesome the week of a planned outdoor recreation weekend visit to a friend’s place out of town. I was hoping to be free of the issues and to enjoy some outdoor fun for a few days—and be free of the issues completely.

I called Brodie, and asked if he had time for another BodyTalk session for me. This one would a distance session, as he was in Armstrong and I was on the coast. Brodie and I chatted briefly about the symptoms, other things going on in my life, and my general sense of well-being.

I mentioned I was on the ferry at the time and would be outdoors all weekend. He said he would check for my body’s priority for the time and day of the session, facilitate it, and send me the session notes.I was relieved that I could have some remote healing facilitated, and began to focus on the upcoming weekend adventure.

The beauty of distance healing sessions is that one is not committed to be in a certain place at a certain time to lie on a massage table. My session could have been underway with ten minutes, four hours, or at 2 am Saturday morning. Ultimately, Brodie would use the BodyTalk protocol to identify the communication breakdowns in my bodymind, allow them to balance, and send me information on what was out of alignment. My bodymind would integrate the changes as Brodie facilitated the remote healing and I’d notice that shifts had occurred.

It was with an interesting sense of wonder that I woke Sunday morning. My shoulder was asymptomatic! The shift from the distance session was immediate and observable. As I thought about it, it dawned on me that I hadn’t had any uneasy feelings, pain, or discomfort on Saturday while running, mountain biking, or practicing yoga. I was so focused on being present with my friend, challenging myself, and enjoying myself that I didn’t realize my shoulder was pain-free!

The notes Brodie sent me revealed some interesting formulas dealing with some emotional issues from the past. Everything in the session resonated with me: intuitively, I understood why things were happening. My mind focused on the logical connections and misalignments that were rectified during the session. Everything just “fit”… and I felt better. That was the kicker—my shoulder no longer bothered me!

The results of the distance session were identical to those received from any session I’d received in person on a treatment table in a healing space. I was filled with renewed enthusiasm for the BodyTalk system to catalyze healing, transformation and energetic shifts through Quantum Physics and beyond the barriers of physical distance.

I’m grateful that I was able to receive such a profound healing session from Brodie. His in-depth knowledge of anatomy and physiology added depth to the material he shared with me, and in my own research into the structures he identified, I was able to further understand my session.

I highly recommend Brodie as a practitioner, having received both in-person and remote BodyTalk sessions from him. His professionalism, calm and compassionate demeanor, and availability ensure I’ll be a repeat client.

In adventure…

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